Pastor: Rev. Aaron Erastus Long
Church Secretary: Deborah Byerly
Church Organist: Dana Coppley
Church Choir Director: Doris Beisicker
Church Custodian: Linda Wilson


About the Pastor

Hello, my name is the Rev. Aaron Erastus Long.  I grew up in the North Davidson community, graduating from North Davidson High School in 1994.  I completed my BA in English Literature at Western Carolina in 1999 and my Master’s of Divinity at Lancaster Theological Seminary in 2003.  I served Bethlehem Church in Midway from 2003 till 2012 coming to Paul’s Chapel on October 28th, 2012.  I have a great desire to see souls won for our Lord Jesus Christ and the church’s influence in the community to grow enabling us to transform the world for Jesus Christ.  It is my sincere wish and desire that we may all join together to show Jesus to Lexington.


The Consistory

Our governing body of the church is the congregation itself, but the congregation invest powers for the day to day functioning of the church in the Elders and Deacons who sit on the consistory.  Our current consistory members are:

President: Kathy Lawson, Elder

Vice President: Bert Wagner, Elder

Sectary: Luella Ketner, Deacon

Treasurer/ Financial Secretary: Alan Epley, Elder


Tammy Leonard, Elder                                                                                    Barbara Jordan, Deacon

Church York, Elder                                                                                           Josh Jordan, Deacon

Vickie Koontz, Elder                                                                                       Scott Crawford, Deacon

Shelby Freeman, Deacon                                                                                  Sandra Gregoire, Deacon